Wicked & Bonny ft. Wax Pirate

Founded in 2015 – based in a studio in Silandro, Bolzano. Roots music, Rebellious music, Experimental music. Straightbase riddims in a digital and raw analogue way, produced for a hectic touring schedule on the weekends. Rub-a-dub style, endless delays, sirens and live effects: Since their formation they have played over 400 club shows, sound system sessions and festival stages all over Europe. Wicked and Bonny is a live show on tour: Maggu lends a hand to the mixing desk and the effects, the MC`s Lookino „the lyrical Youth“, Berise „the maddest MC on the Globe“ and Paul „Wax Pirate“ energetically heat up the audience. The Wicked and Bonny Crew built a sound system called Botheration in spring 2015. They regularly host sessions such as „Sound the System“, festivals in Bolzano and have been driving the local underground music scene for almost 10 years.