Daiana Lou

Daiana and Luca are Daiana Lou, a multi-instrumentalist rock duo born in 2014. They like to call themselves „buskers“ and have learned to be free and happy thanks to street art. They became known to the Italian public through their participation/self-elimination on X-Factor in 2016 and became a symbol of rebellion and non-conformity.They have been living in Berlin since 2015. They are among the most active independent artists in the German capital. The German press calls them: „two personalities who have creativity and the power to change a place and give it an identity it didn’t have before.“
Years of intense „busking“ across Europe have allowed the duo to create a new sound. In January 2021, the production of the third album will start together with Cesare Mac Petricich (Negrita), who drew attention to the sound that mixes the sonic coarseness of street music with the eclecticism of Berlin’s rhythm of life.The alternative rock sound is an introspective journey that begins with whispers of introspective melodies, hits the stomach with distorted riffs and takes you to Berlin clubs with electronic nuances and rhythms.