Anna Luppi

Anna Luppi is an Italian award-winning singer, songwriter and flutist: her new 2022 single “All we got” feature Paul Istance, bandleader of The Magic Mumble Jumble, on of the best emerging folk-pop european bands.

During her career, she played in Europe and United States, she won prestigious awards, like the Targa Tenco Award, the X Premio per la Canzone d’Autore Emergente, and the Web Prize “Voci Per la Libertà by Amnesty International”, and she was selected by SIAE Italia as one of the best Italian under-35 musical projects through the Sillumina call.

Her videoclip single “Feministas con Tacones” became viral in Spain with more than 220k views.

She sings in italian, spanish and english: in her songs she melts pop songwriting, ethnic hints and folk atmospheres. The immediate freshness of arrangements and melodies acts as a counterpoint to the depth of the texts, capable of touching universal themes such as war, discrimination and violence against women.