Skankin’ Drops

Skankin‘ Drops, a reggae band from Bolzano (northern Italy), was founded in 2013 and has to its credit numerous dates in clubs and festivals, offering a show that gives space to rocksteady, early ska and new reggae rhythms, but also to dub and dancehall incursions. The experience gained over the years has allowed them to solidify their groove, essential and effective, combined with a warm and powerful sound, which translates into a mixture of persuasive and enthralling energy in live performances. At the end of 2020, Skankin‘ Drops released their first studio album on digital and vinyl, mixed by Sheepproductions (Roots Stable Studios), powered by Shanti Powa Records, consisting of 9 unreleased tracks and 2 dub versions (Wicked & Bonny and Back A Wall Records). In 2022 he began collaborating with Samuel „Jah Heard“, a well-known reggae singer on the local scene: an experience that over time solidified into a powerful musical spark. Thus the new Skankin‘ Drops project explodes, with renewed energy, a more mature, modern and incisive sound, which has resulted in numerous unreleased productions in English, Italian, Neapolitan and Salento. Skankin‘ Drops are ready and waiting for you at their concerts!