Chameleon Mime


Seven different musicians, joined by a strong desire to create and live their own passion for music, set up the project Chameleon Mime in 2016. It mixes together different music genres as Fusion, Jazz, Funk, R&B, Ska and Rock to create original, passionate and unique sounds. MONEY GROWS ON TREES, the first CD of its career, came out on April 2018. It’s a Concept Album that boasts the collaborations of: Andrea Tofanelli, Francesco Montisano, Beppe Di Benedetto, Tiziano Bianchi, Andrea Bertorelli, Elisa Aramonte and Marina Santelli. Money Grows On Trees is a story of freedom and feminine struggle. Chameleon Mime took part to a lot of important music event: The Boomtown Fair Festival (UK), Iboga Summer Festival (ES), Mandrea Music Festival (IT), Maui Waui Festival (UK), Positive River Festival (IT), Jazzit Fest (IT), International Music Festival (DE), LPS Festival (ES), Balla coi Cinghiali (IT) e Arena Madiba Campovolo (IT). At the end of « Money Grows On Trees Tour », The Chameleon Mime’s music changes. It becomes more electronic, powerful and wild. Now they are working on their second album.