Every year in a not so small village in South Tyrol the JumpOut Open Air Festival takes place. And every fan of live music and festival culture has to be sure not to miss it. Since 2011 the cosy festival revives the heart of Appiano and brings happiness and good vibes to young and old.

The organisation team together with the Jugendtreff Jump and the support of many volunteers enriches the region with the best (local) music, relaxing atmosphere and unique spirit. So let’s fresh up the town and be sure to save the date! Jump in to jump out – the entry is free! 

 June 09

Opening hours: 12.00 pm – 01.00 am

Free entry

Festplatz Eppan


If you are creative or want to find out, here you have the chance. At JumpOut festival you can express yourself, either by painting, spraying graffiti or sculpturing. At sometimes you even have the possibility to juggle or try something artistic. You never know what you can try out next year.


Beat your friends at Calcetto or Ping Pong and set new records at the slacklines. And afterwards you can enjoy the day chilling out in the sun on one of our many sofas. Life is good, so why not spending the time while listening to nice music?


Nothing is better than delicious sliced fruits or a refreshing Granita made of special homemade syrups. And when the hunger gets to you, we also have to offer a wide range of tasty food and drinks. Often local, at times bio, something’s vegetarian, other is glutenfree, much is self-made but all of it comes from the heart.


If you have time, be sure to visit our little market corner. Nearly everything you find there is self-made, from clothes to bags, jewellery and accessories. And even if not every one of them is playing, you can find CDs and merchandise from a lot of South Tyrolean bands and labels.

JumpOut is going green

As we care for our planet and our environement we decided to apply to the green event campaign. Green events are events that are planned, organized and done according to criteria of sustainability, waste management, regionale value creation and social responsability. As it is the first year that we are participating in this we got the certification of “going green event”, after implementing some mesures.

The 5 most important measures that we took are the following:

Waste management

All waste is separated so it can be recycled.


Festplatz St. Michael/ Eppan,

39057 Appiano,

Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy

We are a “going green event” and we care for the environement, so leave your car at home and come with public transport!

Timetables for public transport you can find here

If you really have to come with the car, at least share your ride. Here or here you can search or post your ride.

If you are sporty use one of the many biketrails to come to Jump Out. Here you can look up the best route!